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CareerScope Assessment | Veterans Affairs

Jan 05, 2022 · In addition to getting career counseling, you may be able to use CareerScope, an online assessment tool that measures your interests and skill levels and helps you figure out the best career path when you move into civilian life. It recommends careers you may enjoy and jobs in which you’re likely to do well. The tool also recommends courses or training programs that can help you go after ...

CareerScope Results Interpretation - Veterans Affairs

The CareerScope Assessment Profile provides easy-to-understand score displays, graphs and explanations, as well as career recommendations that focus upon your aptitude and interest profiles. The first part of the Assessment Profile presents a table and a graph of your Interest Results. Part two reports and displays your Aptitude Results
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Toll Free: (800) 874-5387. CareerScope Reports: The First Step on the Path. CareerScope's science analyzes a person's specific interests and aptitudes to recommend careers and specific job titles where they have the most potential for success. Find jobs using multiple classification systems. CareerScope matches an individual's aptitudes and ...


class Career and Technical Education. For students who are on a school-to-work path, CareerScope is key in selecting the most appropriate education or training program for high-skill, high-wage careers. CareerScope facilitates placement into job shadowing, work-based learning, apprenticeships, cooperative employment, and internships.


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CareerScope matches a person's specific interests and aptitudes to careers where they have the most potential for success. ... CareerScope results can be easily imported into OccuBrowse+, providing real-time occupational information including performance demands and descriptors, employment and wage data, occupational outlook projections, links ...

CareerScope Summary Report - CPRF

APTITUDE RESULTS The graph below reports and displays your aptitudes as standard scores and as percentile scores. An aptitude score of 100 is exactly average. Scores between 80 and 120 can be thought of as “in the average range.” Percentile (%tile) scores report the percentage of people who score below you. The graph displays your relative

CDS CareerScope Assessment -

CareerScope's Assessment Profile provides the evaluee with career recommendations. These are based on the results of the completed assessment tasks. Written in clear, concise language, the profile also explains the standards on which the recommendations are based. Counsellor Report summarizes data for quick analysis.

CareerScope Management Portal

CareerScope ® takes career and educational planning to a new level. The proven career assessment and reporting system from the Vocational Research Institute is a powerful, yet easy-to-use program. With over 50 years of experience developing world-class assessment programs, VRI has designed a self-administered system that measures both aptitude ...


The CareerScope assessment and reporting system is grounded in the preceding “occupational taxonomy” and yields interest and aptitude assessment results that can be cross-walked to the respective work group requirements. The twelve scales of the CareerScope Interest Inventory are designed to identify interest areas that are most attractive to


Toll Free: (800) 874-5387. Pricing that fits every budget. The Cost of CareerScope includes the Annual Subscription plus Administrations. Annual. Subscription. Access to Management Portal and Assessment Portal. $299 /year. Management Portal. Assessment Portal.



CareerScope from Vocational Research Institute - O*NET Products …

Written at a 4th grade reading level, the valid and reliable interest and aptitude assessment is self-administered and easy to complete. Accommodation options include audio delivery, English with Spanish text, and untimed delivery. CareerScope’s comprehensive reports incorporate O*NET occupational data and provide career recommendations based ...

CareerScope - Education and Training - Veterans Affairs

Dec 21, 2017 · With CareerScope you will be provided with an assessment of your interests and aptitudes, and given recommendations about which careers you may enjoy and be successful doing, and what courses or training programs you should focus on to pursue those careers. ... This document should be used in conjunction with the results you receive from ...

What Is The Career Scope Assessment | Bd Jobs Today

May 21, 2022 · The results from the Interest Inventory are compiled into a comprehensive Individual Profile Analysis (IPA). The IPA objectively identifies each evaluee’s most significant interest area preferences.The aptitudes measured by CareerScope are the most critical for today’s high-growth and high replacement rate occupations, as well as for the ...

Community - CareerScope - Hospitality | Leisure | Tourism

That’s why we have developed CareerScope, which contains the advice, resources and support of dozens of organisations who are there to help you right now. Please use the CareerScope community group to ask questions, share ideas and build contacts with fellow members of the hospitality community. The more people from the industry that ...

Scorpio Monthly Career Horoscope : July 2022 |

Scorpio Career Horoscope. July 2022 - The month of July brings you energy and focus, and you’re blazing through a project. On July 4, Mars enters Taurus, the money sign. Scorpio, you might meet a mentor who wants to open an important door for you. This person sees your potential and is willing to go out on a limb for you.

Career Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals - July 2022

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