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LJ [ARCHIVE] - YouTube

Animator; No longer making videos.

LJ - What does LJ stand for? The Free Dictionary

LJ: Linux Journal: LJ: Little John: LJ: Lowenstein-Jensen: LJ: Life Jacket: LJ: Lashkar i Jhangvi: LJ: Line Judge (football) LJ: Love Jones (band) LJ: Leroy Jenkins (composer/musician) LJ: Luke Jackson (NBA Player) LJ: Light Jockey (gaming) LJ: Lichtjahr (German: lightyear) LJ: Lapse in Judgment: LJ: Laskar Jihad (Indonesian terrorist group) LJ: Los Juimos (Chilean slang: off we …

LJ Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

What does the abbreviation LJ stand for? Meaning: lord justice.

News, Sports, Jobs - Lawrence Journal-World: news, information

Nov 24, 2022 · When the home at 805 Sunset Drive in Lawrence’s Hillcrest neighborhood went up for sale in 2020, couple Ashley McCaskill and Steve Rausch jumped at the chance to take a look. McCaskill and Rausch actually viewed the five-bedroom, four-bathroom, mid-century modern home just for fun, as a way to get out of the house a […]

LJ - Wikipedia

L. J. Burrows, a fictional character on the TV series Prison Break. Lemon Jelly, a British electronica duo. Library Journal, an American trade publication for librarians. Linux Journal, a monthly technology magazine. LiveJournal, a social networking service.

Lj (digraph) - Wikipedia

Lj (lj in lower case) is a letter present in some Slavic languages, such as the Latin version of Serbo-Croatian and in romanised Macedonian, where it represents a palatal lateral approximant /ʎ/. For example, the word ljiljan is pronounced /ʎiʎan/. Most languages containing the letter Lj in the alphabet are phonemic, which means that every symbol represents one sound, and is …

LJ - YouTube

(11/20/16) Even I don't know what I make, lol. (2/26/18) I'm the guy who made It's Everyday Bro But It's Exposed By Berleezy (4/11/19) And the fixed version of Odd Future by UVERworld (9/4/19 ...

Urban Dictionary: LJ

Jul 09, 2019 · LJ. An LJ is a huge guy but super sweet. He has his own unique personality and can be shy and awkward. But overall, he is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. I wish you were more of an LJ, Tom. by ItspronouncedSO-CORE-UH July 9, 2019.

Log In - LJ ClassAct II

LJ Create’s Learning Management System named ‘LJ ClassAct II’; used by schools, universities and vocational training centres to teach science (physics, biology, chemistry), technology, engineering and maths.

LJ (@LephemStar91) / Twitter

Jun 28, 2018 · LJ (@LephemStar91) / Twitter. LJ. @LephemStar91. Animator/Artist/GameDev that is sometimes real Creator of Scratchin' Melodii.…. Joined June 2018. 777 Following. 25.1K Followers. Tweets.

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